Favourite Songs ATM 

I have to admit, I’m one of those people who needs music to feel inspired or to feel motivated to do anything. #music #listeningto #eargasm #rightnow  They say, music is like a time machine… one songs lyrics, melody – the mood can take you back in time like nothing else can.  Who the eff hashtags … More Favourite Songs ATM 

Dear Mom’s

The following are just some words I’d like to say to other moms like myself out there.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE You have the hardest, most important job in the world but it’s also the most Satisying and fulfilling.  You are the best Mom for your child You work hard, around the clock You are … More Dear Mom’s

Thoughts of the Day

#Totd So I wanna to make this a thing now. Literally just thought of it as I typed it on the title.  1.)Question: why is it that we use “lol” in a casual typing conversation, like a lot? Same goes for “like” like seriously.  For me I feel like it makes the convo lighter. Is … More Thoughts of the Day